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Manas National Park is one of the renowned national parks in India. It is spread over an area of over 500 square kilometres and is a Natural World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. The place is a delightful location for nature lovers and enthusiasts from all around the country to visit this place to explore new species of flora and fauna belonging to different kinds. The place is widely popular for its Assam Roofed Turtle, Golden Langur, Hispid Hare etc.

Destinations to Explore in Manas

Manas is surrounded by some exquisite locations that the visitors should visit with their loved ones. They will get to learn new things and cultural values of various ethnicity that is crucial in curving the overall development of a human being.

Tiger and Elephant Reserve

Tiger and Elephant Reserve

Manas National Park is the place where tiger and elephant reservations get done with equal concentration. The sighting of these beautiful animals is a must while visiting Manas. Apart from these, the national park houses endangered animals like Red Panda, Pygmy Hog etc.

Bansbari Tea Plantation

It is a great place to visit to witness lush greeneries. Situated at the entrance of the national park, Bansbari Tea Plantation is a place that provides much-needed tranquillity to the visitors amidst all the hassle around our lives.



Situated on the banks of River Manas, Mathanguri is a place from where nature enthusiasts witness the wildlife from different cottages and lodges. The visitors can experience jungle safari as well.

Manas River

The sight of the Manas River is a spectacle. The sparkling water along with the natural landscape offers a great sight to behold. This is a great place to witness sunset along the horizon.

Palace of King of Bhutan

The palace of the King of Bhutan signifies the great historical importance of the place. It is a must-see place during your visit to this place. You can experience boating through the Manas River while visiting the Palace of the King of Bhutan.



Situated in the Baksa district, Bogamati is a small place that is surrounded by lush green forests. Located on the mouth of River Barnadi, the place is a renowned destination among tourists as an ideal picnic spot.

Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated on the foothills of the Himalayas, the Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary is specially formed for preserving Pygmy Hog and Hispid Hare. Apart from these, the sanctuary consists of several and local bird species.

Activities in Manas

The place offers some activities that are a treat for nature lovers and enthusiasts. Here, we have discussed a few of them –

Jungle Safari: You get to experience an unmatched safari experience to witness wide species of flora and fauna from open-hood jeeps.

Birdwatching: Manas National Park is the home of rare species of birds. Birdwatchers love to visit this place to catch a glimpse of a rare breed that they can hardly find anywhere else in the country!

Elephant Safari: It is an experience that only is explained wholeheartedly once you have experienced it yourself. Sitting at the back of the gigantic slow-moving animal and exploring the insights of the national park – it is truly an experience to remember!

Elephant Safari

Photography: Due to its massive population of rare species of animals and birds, wildlife enthusiasts from all over the country and beyond visit this place for catching some picturesque clicks.

River Rafting: Adventure activities provide a much-needed thrill to enthusiasts. We take every cautionary measure for each member before they undergo river rafting for calming their adrenaline rush.

River Rafting

Cultural Activities: Our knowledgeable guides provide elusive information to let our travellers know about the region and its cultural values. People get to know the place thoroughly and receive valuable details of several festivals, language etc.

Tea Tour: The region of Assam is extremely popular due to its massive cultivation of tea. We take the travellers around and make them witness how the tea gets produced and why it receives praise from all over the globe!

Tea Tour

Village Tour: Touring the nearby village provides a unique experience for travellers. Visitors get to know multiple facets regarding the village and get to know more of the village lifestyle and history from the villagers.

How to Reach Manas

If you are visiting Manas National Park via railways, the closest station is the Guwahati Railway Station. From here, you can another train to Barpeta Road Railway Station or you can avail of a taxi service to reach the destination.

If you are visiting Manas via Airways, the nearest airport to Manas National Park is the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati. It is connected with all the major cities in the country.

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