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Manas Explore is the trusted name in Assam for experiencing the best-in-class tourism facility. We provide assistance to travellers who are willing to explore minute details of Manas Natural Park. We care for our visitors’ satisfaction and thus, we have implemented a service that is most suitable and appropriate for providing a hassle-free and suitable safari experience.

In a jungle, you can encounter so many things. In the wildlife, things sometimes do not stay under control all the time and that is why, we try to maintain maximum security throughout our campaigning and safari within the jungle so that if some mishap takes place, we remain covered from any serious damage or injury.

Well-Knowledgeable guides, drivers and professionals are crucial for making any touring and exploring agency successful. We try to provide maximum satisfaction to our visitors with our dedicated safari programs, birdwatching, elephant safari etc for experiencing the wildlife wholeheartedly.

Unique aspects behind choosing us for your next travel

Expert professionals

We have acquired experienced guides that suggest and provide you with many minute details of every new place and history of the place thoroughly to get a wholehearted experience.

Experienced Guides
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Premium Safari

We have accumulated services to provide you with an unmatched safari experience to make you witness the wide range of flora and fauna that Manas National Park has to offer.

We're Pocket Friendly

Our team offers premium service for our visitors without spending much. The overall experience remains splendid as well as pocket-friendly!

Pocket Friendly

Manas Explore

Manas Explore
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